I’m not sure about what I’m doing here – I want to post details of my latest books and get a link back to here to boost sales. Well, I thought that would be easy, now I’m not so sure. I’ll give it a day or two to see if I get any feedback and […]

Time catches me out!

After two super weeks on holiday up in Yorkshire – Tour de France was fantastic – I seem to be way behind with my writing work. I can’t believe we are half way through July and I have only just got my latest novel to the publisher, Createspace, for approval after spending the winter months […]

Love My Books

Our youngest member of the family, Sienna, is two years old and she loves her books no matter where she happens to be. As soon as she arrives with us, out comes the book bag and onto Granddad’s knee for a story. I just hope that somewhere along the way this love is not lost […]


We have some lovely grand kids and from time to time I get a really good photograph. The one below I used on our family calendar for 2014 with the caption – ‘HOW ABOUT A KISS COUSIN’ – Harlo is on the left and Sienna on the right. ‘Put it into a baby competition’, said […]

Rusty Old Stuff

On our Writelink chat session yesterday evening, taking photos of any old iron, rusted up chains, nails and so forth, I mentioned that last Summer I took a photo of an anchor in Appledore, Devon. I have this picture on my desktop right now to remind us of sunny times down there. Husband, David, says […]


This is a quite by accident photo that gets people talking. Not being a very patient photographer I just have a simple, Canon digital camera which I point and shoot from time to time. This is one of the oddest results so far.


My admiration, and understanding, of new technology got greater yesterday. I flew from Cancun to Playa del Carmen along the beautiful Caribbean coastline with my grandson piloting. Fantastic! And even more so when you know that I was sitting at home in Market Harborough. What an experience.