Time catches me out!

After two super weeks on holiday up in Yorkshire – Tour de France was fantastic – I seem to be way behind with my writing work. I can’t believe we are half way through July and I have only just got my latest novel to the publisher, Createspace, for approval after spending the winter months getting it up to scratch. Now the bad part comes for me – marketing it, any advice welcome. 

The Yorkshire folk lived up to their name for hospitality – the Tour cyclists had two great weather days and thousands to greet them. Every place that could be reached seemed to be strung with yellow, and red and white spotted bunting. Old bikes painted yellow and even a field full of woolly yellow sheep, just wonderful. 

Now I’m back to reality – several articles to finish and submit and another manuscript waiting for attention. Plus the good weather which doesn’t encourage sitting at the PC writing. 

Just a bit of lightning up – the picture amused all us courtyard residents last evening – pigeons are not everybody’s favourite bird but this baby looked so cute and comfortable. It was gone this morning, rescued by mum, we hope. 



One thought on “Time catches me out!

  1. Hi Jeanne. Good to catch up with you. Glad you had a good hols. Ours is coming up on the 26th when we are off to Devon. Congrats on getting your book out of the door. Keep us posted, please.

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