We have some lovely grand kids and from time to time I get a really good photograph. The one below I used on our family calendar for 2014 with the caption – ‘HOW ABOUT A KISS COUSIN’ – Harlo is on the left and Sienna on the right. ‘Put it into a baby competition’, said a friend. So, I searched around to find one that I thought was suitable – until I got to the filling in details part.

Please tick a box – my choice was – Single Mum; Single Dad, Two Mums; Two Dads; Step-Mum; Step-Dad; Partners; Other.

What happened to the two parent family – shouldn’t that come first? At the risk of being dubbed old fashioned, I object to the term ‘Partners’ being used for a husband and wife – a partner is who you play a game with; dance with or maybe run a business with. I suppose as a grandparent I am ‘Other’.

Needless to say, this picture did not get posted in the competition.

feb  march 2013 031


7 thoughts on “Cousins

  1. A lovely shot Jeanne. Unposed pictures of children always seem to work best. Sure to be another suitable comp slot for it or maybe try one of the women’s magazines. Many of them use pics like these and often reward better than comps.
    I enter lots of consumer competitions and for details partner is often substituted for married these days – a short cut for saying married/living together I suspect.

    • Yes, I agree, Ann, impromptu photos, especially of the kids, are always the best. Also, yes, the ‘partner’ bit is as you say, a short cut – but my objection was that a two parent ‘normal’ family should come first.

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