Rusty Old Stuff

On our Writelink chat session yesterday evening, taking photos of any old iron, rusted up chains, nails and so forth, I mentioned that last Summer I took a photo of an anchor in Appledore, Devon. I have this picture on my desktop right now to remind us of sunny times down there. Husband, David, says the only thing missing is the seagull perched upon it – but you can see one left its mark.

Anchor at Appledore


4 thoughts on “Rusty Old Stuff

  1. That must be looking across to Instow, Jeanne. Years ago, we used to drive up there from Bideford when visiting relatives on my first husband’s side.

  2. Yes, you are right, Jean – I have a cousin living in Bideford and six cousins and other halves get together down there for a week each year – last year it was in late June, this year we go in September so the scenery will be different. we love it. it’s that ‘glow’ Ann that made me out it on our desktop.

  3. A thought provoking photo, Jeanne, with the anchor being the focal point. What a lot of thoughts an anchor creates in one’s imagination. It could make an interesting conversational prompt.

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