A great example of brotherly love. 



7 thoughts on “PUPS

  1. What beautiful pups, Jeanne. They look so content and comfortable. I wonder if they’re from the same litter? Our two pups, now seven months old, also used to ‘keep in touch’ when they slept, in spite of being from different litters. Now, with the hot summer nights, they prefer their own space on a cool tiled floor.

    • Yes, Patricia, they really were twins, I say ‘were’ because their story is rather sad. Lucas developed epilepsy and drowned in our son’s swimming pool after an attack which no-one saw, he was 2. One year later, Sam, whilst being exercised and chasing around after a golf ball, twisted his guts and the vet couldn’t save him. This is quite common in large dogs, apparently. I came across this photo, of when Mark first had them, whilst searching through My Pictures to get photos for a family calendar and couldn’t resist posting it. Thanks for reading. J X

    • Mmm! It’s a sad story, Ann. They were absolutely lovely puppies, great fun and not too slobbery for bloodhounds. I spent many happy hours watching them play together as they grew up. Then, at 3 years old Lucas developed epilepsy and fell into our son’s swimming pool after an attack – which nobody saw. A year later, Sam, when being exercised, chased a golf ball and twisted his gut, the vet couldn’t save him. Apparently, that is quite common in large dogs. I was sorting through pictures this morning to get 12 out for a family calendar, I couldn’t resist posting the pups when I came across it. They haven’t been replaced, Mark has two Labradors now, a chocolate one and a cream one. Thanks for visiting. JX

  2. What a sad story, Jeanne, and such lovely dogs, too. My eldest, Benji, who is 14 now, is epileptic too. He was abused by a family and at some point – the vets seem to think anyway – suffered a severe blow to the head. How we came to adopt him would suggest the theory is true. My sister worked at the vets where he was brought in after his tail was chopped off by a slamming door.

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