I have never been a Harry Potter fan, I found the books quite difficult to read and I sat, very bored, through the first film. It amazed me that one of our grandsons, at the age of seven when the first book was published, became an avid fan and understood every word that was written. He has a collection of first editions that will be worth a fortune at some stage. However, the Sunday magazine, Event, has an interview with J.K.Rowling in it, in which she expresses her feelings about the atrocities to children, either orphaned or removed from their parents, in the Eastern European countries. Having been at the bottom of the heap herself, she knows all about poverty, but as she says, ‘living in this country’ is a key phrase, we have welfare, they don’t. This is a problem very close to my own heart, I cannot watch the TV ads that show all the suffering children and I know, from my time in Mexico, the number of orphaned, or unwanted, children living, or being worked, on the streets. As a world wide known author, Joanne Rowling can draw huge followings. She will shortly relaunch her charity, LUMOS, to which she has donated millions of pounds, at the Harry Potter centre in Hertfordshire. The charity is named after the ‘lumos’ that glows on the end of Harry Potter’s wand as fans will know. Apparently, for a number of years J.K.R. has been visiting to see, and work with, her charity in Moldova, the Czech Republic. I hope she gets loads of support for LUMOS and I think I might very well go out and buy, The Casual Vacancy, and, The Cuckoo’s Calling, after all.  


4 thoughts on “LUMOS

  1. That is certainly very laudable, Jeanne. It sounds like a charity worth supporting.

    I have to admit to rather enjoying the Harry Potter books, though I wasn’t so keen on the couple of films I’ve seen. I recently bought The casual Vacancy when it was on offer for my Kindle. I found it very depressing and couldn’t wait to finish it, but she certainly gets right into the heart and soul of her characters. I’m thinking about The Cuckoo’s Calling now, but I might wait till I can find it in my local library.

  2. Very interesting information about J K Rowling’s LUMOS. I’ve looked at the website and LUMOS certainly deserves support. I have some of JKR’s books and have thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

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