Debating this question

The success of the minor operation my husband had on his ears this last Monday, after nine months of being deaf, has brought  great joy not only to him, but to me and the rest of his family and friends. He can hear what we say – and there is no need for shouting, or sign language, any more. This has led us to talk, and think, about what it must be like to be permanently deaf;  not to be able to hear the voices of loved ones; no pleasure in music; not able to hear the birds singing; not hearing the wind or the rain – the list goes on. On the other hand, we know people who are deaf, and have hearing aids, who are quite happy to be able to ‘switch off’ at times. One thing that worried my husband a lot was when he was driving, he couldn’t hear the sound of the engine and changing gear was by speed. This led us to wondering which sense would be the worst to lose permanently , hearing or sight? They do say that if you lose one of your senses the others become sharper, is this true? I think our decision was, after a long discussion, that it would be easier to be deaf than blind. But to try and imagine either is, well. – to never hear the words, “I love you,” or see the faces of loved ones, unimaginable. Except now hubby knows exactly what it is like so there’s no wonder he’s over the moon. 


3 thoughts on “Debating this question

  1. Pleased your hubby is benefitting from his ecent experience. Personally I think it would be more challenging to lose your sight than hearing as it is possible to develop lip-reading skills to appreciate what is being said and you would have the beenfit of seeing the experession on the face, too.

  2. Thanks, Jean and Ann, yes we agree, deafness can be coped with more easily. Hubby is fine – and he says he now appreciates sounds much more having know what it is like to lose them.

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