Total Madness

Whoever was responsible for putting pedestrian crossings immediately before, or after, a roundabout must never, ever use them. They are so dangerous! This first hit me when we returned from living out of the country for 21 years. The light was green as we approached a huge island so we sailed on through – blasted like mad from all around. Fortunately, the traffic coming from the right hadn’t quite reached us. How many visitors/tourists driving in the UK have faced this same hazard, I wonder.

Yesterday, we travelled back from Southampton to Market Harborough; skirting round Northampton are ‘n’ number of islands, some large, some small, some with traffic lights and yes, some with pedestrian crossings shortly before or after them. On three occasions cars, all in the usual hurry to get away, screeched to a halt having gone through green lights at the island only to be met with a red pedestrian crossing light as they rounded the curve. My husband and I now always ask when we approach an island, “Is it a pedestrian green light?” Surely these pedestrian crossings could be put further away from an island – if people are using them they are walking, or using some mobility aid, and the extra distance walked could be a life saver.  


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