A Repeat!

Thirty odd years down the line and we are doing, what? Getting together all the stuff needed for a student’s life in University Hall with part catering. Three times this week we’ve been out shopping, including this morning for towels and bedding, which are now in the washing machine, and I’m gathering together what I have available that we don’t need to buy, bit by bit.  The list includes cutlery/plates/dishes/mugs/glasses/ pots & pans/utensils/storage boxes and so on – and it begins to feel like we’re setting up another home. The student, one of our grandsons, is not even here yet. We pick him up from Heathrow on Tuesday and deliver him to Southampton on Thursday, plus everything but the kitchen sink, or so it seems, for the start of his four year Masters degree in aeronautical engineering. He will be flying in from Vancouver; he’s Mexican/British but has been at college/school for the last four years in Canada.  

We did this for his dad when he went to Bristol University all those years back and I didn’t expect we’d ever be doing it again. I wonder if the parting, on Thursday, will be as tough as it was last time.


One thought on “A Repeat!

  1. The list of things required by students today grows ever longer with all the gadgets and so on added to living essentials. When we went to College we travelled by public transport and took with us only what we could carry or send in advance by way of a trunk. With our own children with a car to fill the load increased accordingly and no doubt the pattern continues. Good luck to your grandson. A long way from home for his studies.

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