Get me out of here!

Get me out of here!

What is happening to the old country? All these huge scandals that are raging around don’t fit the image of a Great Britain, that place respected by all the world that I left behind.  I’ve been back here for eight months and I’m absolutely astonished at what has happened in the twenty-one years I’ve been away. Any place has its ups and downs, but right now there seem to be far more downs than ups here – and they are not minor ones. The BBC furore; massive paedophile charges; soccer gone mad with outrageous transfer fees, salaries and racial slurs; energy firms, that are no longer British, with ‘rigged’ gas prices; immigrants claiming benefits right left and centre; NHS providing free health services to anyone who cares to demand it; threatened state controls of the free press; Alu Qatada released today to cost tax payers £5m a year in benefits and supervision costs;  ‘elf n’ safety laws gone mad – toilet roll card interiors to be microwaved for a minimum of 10 seconds if they are to be used in craft work by children; now a breast feeding doll for two year olds upwards. Every day some stupid thing is reported because Brussels has deemed it to be so. Today I read , ‘Trust your instincts they are 90% right’, well, I’m no celebrity, like Nadine Dorries in Australia, but right now my instinct says, ‘Get me out of here’.


2 thoughts on “Get me out of here!

  1. My hubby and I watch the British news daily, Jeanne, and we cringe at what we see and hear. Mind you, things here in SA are awry too, as they are elsewhere in Africa, in the Middle East, the Far East, and just about everywhere. Even extremes of hugely damaging weather seem to be occurring all over. Is this very different to what it has always been, or do we only think so because modern technology has exposed everything by every form of communication, to everyone? ‘Mind your own business’ is now totally meaningless.

    • Good to hear from you again, Patricia, and thanks for the comment. Yes indeed, the world as a whole is in a mess and the natural disasters haven’t helped. The Summer here has been terrible, not even one BBQ! We go back to MExico on december 17th for at least 3 months – looking forward to that. Hope to see you on Writelink more often. Luv Jeanne

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