National Stocking Day



Since returning to the UK, I’ve had moments of disbelief with what goes on. Today, listening to local radio, I hear it is National Stocking Day, is this really true? Are we women, sorry maybe ladies would be better, expected to wear stockings today? I stuck my head out in the grey morning, not quite as cold as yesterday but cold enough. Should I  get into stockings, with that five or six inch gap at the top that freezes when the draughty wind blows up your skirt? I don’t think so and  can’t imagine many young women getting out of those ever present black leggings because somebody has decided to have National Stocking Day. I’m not saying I don’t like stockings, or the idea of wearing them, they certainly make you feel good and sexy, and are a joy to wear for that special occasion, but, they are surely not suitable wear for a cold October day. In August we went to a 40s weekend at Crich Tramway Museum; oh how elegant some of the ladies looked in their seamed stockings, fancy hats and fur stoles. I remember the joy of my mum when she got her hands on a pair of silk stockings, beautiful, nothing can ever replace them, not even the finest  you can buy today.


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