I’ve just had a beautiful magpie pecking away at the fat block on my bird table. I dashed out to get a photo but too late. I could see  its partner sitting high in the oak tree waiting for the lump that it was served with, But I have a feeling that these two are the reason why the smaller birds no longer stop by to feed. What do i do?


2 thoughts on “Magpie

  1. Hi Jeannie, you have written your article on the magpie. What a coincidence I have just written a poem today about the Magpie. I enjoyed reading your post. Molly

    • I hope you’ve posted your poem, Molly, I enjoy reading them. I’m watching out with camera to hand today to see if i can get a good photo – not a great photographer, I’m the one who always seems to say, ‘Should have had my camera’!

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