We’ve been to town this morning; we had quite a number of calls to make and as we went around my husband began to do a count. He finished up with the number 36 – yes, 36 different places where we were told, ‘Just —‘ or ‘Only—-‘ usually a monetary amount. The implication of these two small words is that you are getting a bargain. I’ve looked up their meanings in my dictionary, ‘Just’ is, upright; fair; correct; proper and right. ‘Only’ is, that is; are; the one or all the specimen(s) of the class, or sole. I guess these are two examples of how the use, and implied meaning, of words has changed. Does this ‘just’ and ‘only’ thing work with sales I wonder. We’ve reached the stage where it actually does the opposite for us, we go looking further, and comparing, and it’s surprising how many times you get a better bargain. I’ve just finished my coffee; whilst drinking it I was flipping through the November issue of Writing Magazine, actually reading Lorraine Mace’s final page on her paraskevidekatriaphobia. Right there on the opposite page I faced that ‘just’ word again. ‘Self Publishing for Just £795 —‘, I wonder how many struggling writers can afford that?


2 thoughts on “JUST or ONLY

  1. Interesting observations, Jeanne, but as an adverb, just is also synonymous with merely, simply, only, precisely, and so on. I think this may have a come about through common parlance.

    As for self-pubbing for ONLY £795, I haven’t read Lo’s piece yet, but it’s farcical. I do the lot for nothing, and so can anyone else, provided they know how to use MS Word (or similar) properly, and they can sort out the cover.

    • I assume you meant self-publishing, David, although I suppose anyone could do a ‘self-pubbing’ crawl. As the ad. is a full page one must assume that G.P. Taylor gets customers.

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