Or should it be fungi?

This one appeared on the old conker (horsechestnut) tree in the centre of our courtyard, There seem to have been a glut of fungus out in our graden this year, no doubt due to the wet, damp weather. But although I suppose it is classed as an alien, and I’m told it means the tree is not healthy, I think it is rather beautiful.

Image This is the tree itself. Not our bungalow the neighbour’s opposite






4 thoughts on “Fungus

  1. Some of our fungi are really attractive and can grow to quite impressive structures. We always enjoy walking in woods at this time of year as you get so much variety. The New orest is a favourite spot for such forays.

    • When we were on Vancouver Island in 2010 we visited a place called Englishman’s Falls, The fungi there were unbelievable, reds and oranges; spotted and plain, large and small, they were everywhere. I wonder if you get them like that down in the new Forest?

      • As it happens I have just been looking at pics taken on a trip to the New Forest a few years back as I needed shots to illustrate an article. In one morning even we as amateurs could identfy twenty or so different varieties from tiny white ones through yellows, browns, purples to the red ones with white spots. Cannot name them but the variety was clear to all and a recent TV programme confirms this is an acknowledged hot spot for fungi.

    • How lovely, we don’t have anything like the New Forest around Leicestershire so doubt I should find such colourful fungi around here. We went over to Nottingham yesterday all through the country, it was absolutely beautiful. Ging through the small villages, which we seem to have quite a lot of, the Virginia creepers hit you with their colour. Is it all rather early this year I wonder?

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