Aysgarth Falls – for Paul

Taken in August 2011 Aysgarth Falls, North Yorkshire, at their best


A view looking downwards.



A bit of our family.


6 thoughts on “Aysgarth Falls – for Paul

  1. Nice shots Jeanne. Here’s a little movie trivia for ya. I read somewhere that the staff fight between Little John and Robin Hood in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves took place there.

    • Now which film was that? My husband found the one made in 1939, I think, on TV the other week, I’m sure it was every bit as good as the Kevin Costner one, even the colour – as for the last TV series of Robin Hood I thought it was absolute rubbish.

  2. Prince of Thieves was 1991, Jeanne. I agree about the last TV show. It was terrible. I almost made it through half of the first episode, and that was too much! Do you mean the Errol Flynn film (1939)Jeanne?? Russel Crow recently made a film about him to, but I haven’t had the chance of seeing it yet.

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