This photo was sent to me from my son who is in China. My reaction was creepy, snakes are not loved creatures in my book. But, looking at it carefully I realised that we are not born with fear but aquire it by influence. Look at the concentration of the baby’s face, and the snake with its eyes closed and expression of pleasure. If I saw this happening I would be scared and horrified, but would I be right?


4 thoughts on “Creepy!

  1. Maybe not if you shared their culture, but as an outsider looking in – I’m with you. I’d want to reach in and rescue the kid. But I’d be too afraid to do so I think. They give me the shivers!

    • It’s quite amazing what kids do with animals and they seem to have a bond. I have a photo of one grandson, at about four years, holding a lion cub and they both look to be laughing. Another grandson has a white python, as large as the one in this photo, aorund his neck, I think he was about 14.

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