Some weeks back my hubby and I had an agreement, he’d have a new golf bag and I’d have an iPad. Yahoo! Yesterday I got it along with a rather neat case to hold both the iPad and an external keyboard. But, when we opened the box, there are absolutely no instructions on getting started other than a tiny booklet on how to connect and charge the battery and one or two other things like security and insurance. Now I’m pretty adept on the laptop, I never let it get the better of me, and I keep up with words like apps and cloud but guidance is needed. I guess Apple figure that anybody buying an iPad has everything stitched up on a smart phone. Not me, I have a basic cell phone which I hardly use. So, I downloaded a 200 page instruction booklet from Apple, where do I start?  I have to admit I need help, so I’m off to find one of our grandkids. We go to Weymouth on Sunday for five days – at least I have my 200 pages of instructions if the weather’s wet.  


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