A true story – names changed.


Moving House


They arrived with buckets, brooms and all the paraphernalia required to set about cleaning a newly bought, old house. It was pretty dirty, and definitely in need of a paint brush or two.

            “This house is so perfect for us, love, I’m really going to enjoy getting it into shape for when we move in.”

            “Me too, where do we start?”

            “Let’s go upstairs and work our way down, it makes more sense because if the flying dust and dirt floats about it will settle downwards.”

            Some two hours later the main bedroom was looking good and ready for its lick of paint. Jody was on her knees cleaning out the fitted cupboards and Mike was giving a last spit and polish to the largest window.

            “Hey, look what’s behind the radiator?” Mike waved a pair of frilly, pink flowered, black satin briefs around on his window brush. “What’s been going on here, may I ask?”

            Jody sat back on her heels and giggled.

            Mike gave the briefs an extra twirl and sailed them out through the open window.

A kafuffle was heard outside.

            Jody shot over to join Mike and they leaned over the windowsill to see what was going on.

            Two elderly couples, who were taking morning coffee in the garden, gazed up at them. Draped elegantly over the coffee pot, taking centre stage on the table, were the pink flowered, black satin briefs.

            Jody and Mike collapsed in a heap on the bedroom floor imagining what was going through their new neighbours’ minds.



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