Get This!

I went in to one of our local greetings card shops this morning. I wanted two christening cards; a 60th anniversary card and two invitation acceptances. As I walked through the door I was greeted by a side-wall with shelves full of Christmas cards and piled on the floor at the end, ‘Bargain Boxes’. The shop was quite full and the were being gone over – and sold. For heavens sake, we’re still in August and haven’t even had proper Summer yet. Is this madness, or just somebody’s idea of getting in there first?


2 thoughts on “Get This!

  1. It’s the same in the supermarkets, Jeanne. The tins of biscuits and chocolates are already stacked high above the fixtures I noticed. I suppose many people like to spread the cost of Christmas but there are limits. We no longer have seasons for anything and we are being rushed through the year at breakneck speed by these early sales opportunities. They were selling back to school items before the children had broken up for their summer holidays.

  2. Thanks for reading, Ann, as you say, we are rushing through the year at breakneck speed, what on earth has happened in our lives? There no longer seems time to stop, look, listen and enjoy.

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